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Advantages of cardboard shredded paper filling material

iscarded into “free” environmentally friendly packaging filling materials. and used for transport packaging of fragile items. The packaging filling material is to protect the packaging items, It is mainly used for protection during transportation, and there are many types of fillers, but we have been working on finding affordable and powerful fillers.

carton box shredder UK

Carton box shredder machine sold to the UK

x shredder machine. The customer intends to use it himself because he is selling electrical appliances. Some electrical appliances are relatively large. Our British machine customers Will be responsible for shipping to the buyer’s equipment, generating packaging requirements.

Paper shredder

Paper shredder machine for compost

Do you know composting, besides leaves, shredded paper is also a very good composting material. Paper shredder machine are generally used to make compost from waste paper. This method can not only dispose of waste cardboard boxes but also produce environmentally friendly compost. It is very worthy of advocating a paper recycling method.

newspaper pencils made

How are recycled newspaper pencils made?

As the concept of environmental protection has taken root in the hearts of the people, various countries have become more stringent in the control of wood. Previously, most of the wood was used in the production of pencils. Now it is possible to use recycled waste newspapers to make pencils, which not only meets the country’s environmental protection requirements but also There will be huge profits.

shred documents

What is the cheapest way to shred documents?

Although with the development of the Internet, electronic documents have appeared in various places, paper documents still occupy this important position. Some confidential documents with important prices will record the company’s business information, business strategy, etc., and they cannot be discarded at will. , Once leaked, it will bring serious losses to the company. Be sure to pay attention to the destruction of documents when handling some information.

cardboard shredder

How to choose a suitable paper shredding

Paper shredding has different models and functions. How to choose the most suitable cardboard shredder? The following considerations are needed to choose the correct cardboard shredder.

Cover-paper shredder

Maintenance of the paper cutter

During the working process of the paper cutter, there will be some situations that cause the paper to be cut unevenly, cut through, and cut obliquely.