Commercial cardboard shredder sold to the United Arab Emirates

commercial cardboard shredder
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The commercial cardboard shredder is an environmentally friendly machine. This machine can turn discarded corrugated cardboard into packaging filler. This type of machine is the development of the shredder evolved, but its cut object from ordinary paper to corrugated cardboard. And it is cutting results from the original strip, granular into the mesh.

The purpose of the shredder has also evolved from document confidentiality to corrugated cardboard recycling. And the corrugated cardboard can be folded at will after expansion and cut, as a cheap and practical packaging filler.

Commercial cardboard shredder in the United Arab Emirates

Our customer purchased three SL-425 commercial cardboard shredders. The customer posted his request for the industrial cardboard shredder on Alibaba. So, our sales manager communicated with the customer through the contact information. By understanding the customer’s requirements for the output and width of the cardboard cutter. We recommended to the customer three SL-425 model expansion cutters.

In the process of communication, our sales manager provided professional and accurate answers to each of the customer’s questions. Finally, the customer decided to purchase three expansion and cutting machines.

Specification of the corrugated paper shredder

The longest cutting width425mm
The size of the hole5×100mm
Raw material5-7 layers corrugated (20-70 pieces A4/70g paper)
The inlet width20mm
Voltage380V 50Hz
Working speed12m/minute
The net weight164Kg
Machine size (L*W*H)700*680*970mm
corrugated paper shredder’s parameter

The using range of the paper shredder machine

The commercial cardboard shredder is widely used in most industries such as precision instruments, meters, electrical appliances, ceramics, handicrafts, cosmetics, furniture, and other manufacturing industries. And through the process of the paper shredder machine, the material becomes the filling or cushioning material inside the packaging.

finished product
finished product

Advantages of the commercial cardboard shredder

1. Green environmental protection

The packaging filler for paper products is recyclable and has no pollution sources. And it can be used as a substitute for some previous chemical products.

2. Cost reduction

The recycling price of discarded corrugated cardboard on the market is about 400 yuan/ton. After processing the fluffy packaging filler’s value will be about 10 times the original value. So using the shredder machine can greatly reduce the cost for the enterprise.

3. Waste utilization

Can handle irregular waste cardboard, substandard cartons, color boxes, cartons, etc. Not only can these waste products be recycled, but also recycled, which greatly solves the more difficult problems of enterprise managers.

4. Widely application

We can use the treated cardboard in packaging logistics for a variety of items.

cardboard cutter machine
cardboard cutter machine

The maintenance of the commercial cardboard shredder

1. We should pay attention not to place the machine in a place with children to avoid accidents.
2. machine within the knife precision, sharp, operation, please note that the corner of the coat, tie, hair, etc. to avoid accidental damage.
3. The tools in the machine are precise and sharp. Therefore, be careful not to involve the corners of clothes, ties, hair, etc. during operation to avoid accidental damage.
4. In order to prolong the life of the machine. Try not to let the machine handle corrugated cardboard with hard metals such as tape and nails, so as not to damage the cutter head.
5. When cleaning the casing of the machine, please cut off the power first. Gently wipe with a soft cloth dampened with detergent. Do not let the solution get inside the machine, and do not use bleach, gasoline, or thinner for scrubbing.
6. Regularly add oil to the cutter head. Ensure the smooth operation of the cutter head and prolong the machine’s service life.

Packing and transportation of commercial cardboard shredder

Here are our packing and shipping pictures for the machine. Packing the machine in wooden boxes helps to protect the machine from collision and moisture.

wooden case packing of the cardboard cutting machine
wooden case packing of the cardboard cutting machine

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