425carton box shredder machine

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The carton box shredder is a device used to process waste cartons. After being cut by the machine, the waste cardboard can be turned into mesh paper or strips of paper, which are used in the packaging of small household appliances, ceramics, glass, and other products to play a buffer role.

The impact of waste paper boxes on the environment

waste paper boxes
waste paper boxes

Waste cartons are generally delivered to consumers along with the purchased items, and they have completed their mission. If they are not handled properly, they will cause secondary pollution to the environment. Therefore, it is also very important to take a scientific approach to dispose of these unused cartons. thing. If we want to reduce the environmental pollution caused by carton processing, then we can recycle and reduce packaging pollution, which is an effective way to protect the environment. It can save a lot of packaging resources and energy, reduce packaging costs, and achieve greater economic and social benefits.

Use of carton box shredder 

The cardboard processed by the shredder machine can be used for product packaging and used in packaging boxes as fillers or buffer materials, such as packaging precision instruments, meters, electrical appliances, ceramics, glass, handicrafts, furniture, and other industries. Using recycled waste cartons can not only save packaging costs but also reduce the cost of garbage disposal. Therefore, the bulking machine is very popular with some businesses.

Packaging filling
Packaging filling

Advantages of using a carton box shredder

carton box shredder has been widely used in developed countries as an environmental protection machine. It is a supporting product of a cardboard color printing carton factory. Ultra-wide automatic cutting and after-sales service are also convenient and fast in China, and the warranty service is perfect, which really saves the cost of use for users. When carrying out environmental protection production activities of carton recycling, it has been clearly pointed out in many countries that recycling packaging enterprises can reduce taxes, which also reduces economic pressure for enterprises.

Carton box shredder
Carton box shredder

Functional advantage of carton box shredder

  • If the device is stuck during work, you can use the back function to take out the cardboard;
  • The cardboard processed by the puffing machine can be adjusted within a certain range; the model of this puffing machine is 425mm, that is, the width of the cardboard that can be cut is 425mm, and there is no requirement for the length of the cardboard that can be processed.
  • The extruding machine has casters, which can be fixed when in use. When you want to move, the machine is equipped with rollers, which are convenient to move at any time.
  • The carton box shredder is equipped with a special wear-resistant steel integrated tool, and the machine tool can also be replaced at any time.
Carton box shredder
Carton box shredder

The steps of using cardboard shredder

Step 1. The first step: the enterprise collects a large number of corrugated boxes and cardboards that were originally discarded;

Step 2.The second step: the waste corrugated cardboard is expanded and processed into an economical and environmentally friendly packaging filler that can be arbitrarily folded through a cardboard bulking machine;

Step 3. The third step: packing, filling and packing various fragile and fragile items with new economical, environmentally friendly, and recyclable packaging fillers after processing;

Step 4: Complete the product packing, and never worry about the product being damaged during transportation.

Machine Features of carton box shredder
Machine Features of carton box shredder

Machine Features of carton box shredder

①Environmentally friendly, the packaging fillings of paper products can be recycled and have no pollution sources; the state explicitly prohibits “non-degradable substances” as filling materials, which can be used as substitutes for some previous chemical products.

② Reduce costs. After being processed into a fluffy packaging filler by a cardboard bulking machine, the value will be about 10 times the original value, which can greatly reduce the cost for the enterprise.

③ Waste utilization. It can handle irregular waste cardboard, substandard cartons, color boxes, cartons, with or without printing, not only can these waste products be recycled, but also recycled, which greatly solves the more difficult problems of enterprise managers.

④ Wide range of uses. The reticulated corrugated cardboard processed by the cardboard bulking machine can be widely used as packaging filler for the packaging and logistics of precision instruments, meters, electrical appliances, ceramics, glass, handicrafts, cosmetics, furniture, and other items.

Carton box shredder parameter

Machine Features of carton box shredder
carton box shredder knife
Machine sizeCarton sizeConfigure motor powerTool material
623*385*886mm723*504*1085mm1.5KWTungsten steel
Carton box shredder parameter

Tungsten steel is also called tungsten titanium alloy. The hardness can reach 89~95hra, which is relatively wear-resistant and can be used for a long time. The power of the extruding machine is 1.5KW.


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