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What is cardboard shredder?

Cardboard shredder is a kind of environmental protection equipment, and is designed to shred wasted cardboard and paper, improving the utilization rate of waste items. The shredded cardboard is widely applied as filling or cushioning material in packaging such as precision instruments, meters, appliances, ceramics, glass, crafts and furniture etc.

Cardboard shredder
carboard shredding equipment

The prospect of cardboard shredder

The increasingly severe environmental pollution has provided a wider market space for upgraded environmental protection equipment. How to solve environmental problems and improve environmental quality have become a topic of great concern around the world. Therefore, the scale of the environmental protection equipment industry including the cardboard shredder will continue to expand with rapid pace. It is expected that in the next few years, the cardboard shredder industry will maintain a  ever-increasing development trend, and the industry prospects are very optimistic.

Why to choose Shuliy company?

Shuliy is a manufacturer specializing in the production of cardboard shredders for more than 10 years. Based on the concept of sustainable development, the cardboard shredders we made greatly improve the utilization of waste paper and boxes, and contribute to the protection of the environment. We adhere to the people-oriented and comprehensive pre-sale, sale and after-sales service, which has won the trust and praise of our customers. On the basis of technical innovation, we pay close attention to quality management, continuously improve service levels, and realize the healthy development of our business. Now we has formed a system with professional management team and business elite. We undertake corporate social responsibility, striving to use the cardboard shredder machine to better protect the environment we live, and actively give back to society.

In the recent year, Shuliy cardboard shredder has been delivered to many countries such as Australia, Austria, Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada, Czech Republic, Ecuador, India, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Pakistan, Romania, Russia, Serbia, South Africa, United States, Turkey etc.

Russia customer ordered the cardboard shredder

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