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As more and more people choose online shopping, the packaging waste brought by huge online shopping has also become a new problem. In response to the gradual increase in online shopping waste, more and more regions have proposed measures to promote e-commerce logistics standardization, develop unitized logistics, and promote recyclable materials facilities.

Shuliy machinery has always advocated a green and sustainable packaging concept. Aiming at e-commerce logistics customers, this expanded cut paper pad product is very suitable for logistics packaging needs.

Packaging materials
Packaging materials

This is a kind of waste corrugated cardboard (in the general sense of express packaging boxes can be used for shredding), through the machine shredding into buffer materials, to achieve the purpose of waste recycling, it is also an economical and environmentally friendly packaging Way.

Our cardboard filling uses 100% degradable raw materials, buried in the soil, and after microbial decomposition, it can decompose naturally in 12 months without causing any pollution to the environment.

Final product
Final product

Our customer conducted a field test after receiving the machine. This is the feedback picture from the customer.

Customer feedback
Customer feedback
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