Newspaper pencil production line

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The newspaper paper-pencil production line is a machine used to produce pencils. The outer jacket of the pencil is paper. It can be made from some waste newspapers and other recycled paper. It mainly includes a paper cutter, a pencil stick rolling machine, and a pencil dryer. , Pencil cutting machine, pencil coat making machine, pencil eraser adding machine. It is suitable for hand workshops, stationery-making factories, and the pencil production line mainly uses recycled newspapers as raw materials, and the production cost is low.

Prospects of the paper-pencil production industry

With the implementation of the natural forest protection project, forest logging is banned, and raw materials are severely in short supply. The production of wooden pencils and wooden pencils is facing serious difficulties. Therefore, replacing wood with paper makes environmentally friendly production of pencils urgent, and the waste of pencils is a treasure. Waste utilization not only protects the ecological environment but also creates wealth. The project has the characteristics of small investment, low cost, large market, high efficiency, and fast recovery. The market will never dry up, and the business can last forever. Such a vast market space will bring us huge business opportunities.

Types of pens produced by paper pencil production line

The paper-pencil machine can make pencils, color pencils, make-up eyebrow pencils, and eyeliners for students. You only need to change the refill during processing, and the process is the same during processing. It can achieve multi-functional and diversified production.

The production process of the newspaper pencil production line

The production of pencil machines mainly includes the preparation of raw materials, including paper, pen cores, and pen coats. Processing raw materials, the main machines include paper cutting machine, pencil stick rolling machine, pencil dryer, pencil stick cutting machine, pencil eraser adding machine.

Raw materials used in making paper pencils

The production of paper pencils uses some waste newspapers and some recycled paper, which are cut into suitable sizes for processing and production. The prices of raw materials for processing and producing paper pencils are generally relatively cheap, which makes the production of pencils certain. profit.

Supply of accessories for pencil production

accessories  pencil
accessories pencil

We can also provide customized coats, which can make the pencils more beautiful and attractive by wrapping paper pencils with coats. By designing the film of the pencil, making different kinds of appearances can also make the pencil more popular. In addition, pencils are made with rubber and metal rings. These accessories can be sold if the order is relatively small, but there is a minimum quantity limit.

Pencil coat customization
Pencil coat customization

Newspaper pencil production line parameters

Paper cutterPaper cutterModel: TZC-2
Pencil rod making machinePencil rod making machineModel: TZ-A
80 pcs/min
Motor: 0.37kw
Drying machineDrying machineCapacity:4000 pcs/time
Dimension:9807001000 mm
Pencil cutting
And polish
Pencil cutting And polish machineModel:
total motor: 1.9kw
total weight: 130kg
dimension: 800×420×1400mm
Shrink machineShrink machineModel: TZS-180

Eraser machine
Eraser machineWeight:10 kg

Video of pencil making line


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