Cardboard Shredder

Carton box shredder

425carton box shredder machine

box shredder is a device used to process waste cartons. After being cut by the machine, the waste cardboard can be turned into mesh paper or strips of paper, which are used in the packaging of small household appliances, ceramics, glass, and other products to play a buffer role.

honeycomb Kraft paper making machine

Honeycomb Kraft wrapping paper and geami paper making machine

This honeycomb Kraft paper-making machine can automatically cut kraft paper, honeycomb wrapping paper is a high-quality kraft paper packaging material, which is widely used in packaging due to its environmental friendliness. It can play a buffering role and reduce the amount of plastic used.

corrugated paper shredder

Corrugated paper shredder | cardboard crushing machine

nstruments and fragile items. It avoids the waste of carton resources and avoids the situation of dealing with waste cartons. We have clients who sell small appliances, handicrafts, and liquor. Corrugated machines are suitable for the packaging of various products.

Newspaper pencil production line

Newspaper pencil production line

e newspaper paper-pencil production line is a machine used to produce pencils. The outer jacket of the pencil is paper. It can be made from some waste newspapers and other recycled paper. It mainly includes a paper cutter, a pencil stick rolling machine, and a pencil dryer. , Pencil cutting machine, pencil coat making machine, pencil eraser adding machine. It is suitable for hand workshops, stationery-making factories, and the pencil production line mainly uses recycled newspapers as raw materials, and the production cost is low.

knives for cardboard shredders

Two different knives for cardboard shredders

A cardboard shredder is a machine used to cut cardboard or paper into strips or nets. Used for packaging is the best choice. It not only saves costs but is also environmentally friendly and hygienic. The cardboard shredder can cut out two different paper shapes. The reason for the two different shapes is the different knives for cardboard shredders.

paper shredder

Industrial Paper Shredder

Our industrial shredders can not only cut paper but can also be used to cut credit cards, CDs, adhesive tape, etc. The paper can be cut into long strips, short strips, granular shapes, etc.