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knives for cardboard shredders

Two different knives for cardboard shredders

A cardboard shredder is a machine used to cut cardboard or paper into strips or nets. Used for packaging is the best choice. It not only saves costs but is also environmentally friendly and hygienic. The cardboard shredder can cut out two different paper shapes. The reason for the two different shapes is the different knives for cardboard shredders.

paper shredder

Industrial Paper Shredder

Our industrial shredders can not only cut paper but can also be used to cut credit cards, CDs, adhesive tape, etc. The paper can be cut into long strips, short strips, granular shapes, etc.

Cardboard shredder

Industrial Cardboard Shredder | Carton Paper Shredding Machine

Cardboard shredder is environmental protection equipment and is to turn corrugated cardboard, waste box, paper that need to be discarded into soft materials, and then use it for packaging of fragile items. The processing efficiency of these commercial cardboard shredders is very high, usually, it can process more than 12m of cardboard per minute. Moreover, due to its simple operation, high work efficiency, and simple maintenance, the carton shredder machine is currently very popular.

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