Corrugated cardboard cutting machine sold to Malaysia

Corrugated cardboard cutting machine
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The corrugated cardboard cutting machine is professional equipment specially used to process unqualified or waste cardboard, cartons, color boxes, cartons, and so on. The treated cardboard is generally used for fragile goods transportation packaging. After treatment, the cardboard will become soft and fluffy filling.

The use of such filler is in line with the current concept of green environmental protection. While protecting the environment, it will also save a lot of packaging and transportation costs. We have sold our cardboard Shredder to many countries such as the UK, Malaysia, USA, South Africa, Australia, France, Chile, etc. This carton shredder is available in two different models, 325mm and 425mm carton box cutting machines.

Cardboard shredder for sale

Last week we received an inquiry for an expansion cutter from a customer in Indonesia. He sent the inquiry to us by browsing our website. Our sales manager learned through communication that the customer had previously bought a puffing and cutting machine and now wanted to buy a new one. The customer expressed the need for a smaller model, we recommended the 325 model puffing and cutting machine. After the customer directly provides a quotation.

After consideration, the customer said he could buy. Finally paid through the payment link. As there was no inventory, we received the customer’s payment immediately after the production of the machine, and then arrange transportation.

corrugated cardboard cutting machine
corrugated cardboard cutting machine

What paper can be recycled by thCardboard cutting machine?

As we all know, not all paper can be recycled. Generally speaking, we can recycle the A4 paper, newspaper, kraft paper, etc. This is due to the fact that these papers contain a relatively single type of stain, often containing only ink. And the recycled paper has a lower cost in the cleaning process. So it is suitable for manufacturing into household paper again. In addition, the recycling of these papers reduces the need to cut down trees, which helps protect the environment.

There are also products such as corrugated paper, cardboard, and cardboard boxes. The easiest way to recycle these products is to use a warehouse cardboard shredder to turn the cardboard into packaging filler material.

industrial cardboard shredder
industrial cardboard shredder

What items can the finished product pack?

1、The product shape is not regular, easy to break the product.
2、The things have a wide range of product specifications, but the number of products with the same specification is small, and the standard packaging costs are high.
3、Material is fragile or the surface is easily scratched, the need for better buffering performance of the packaging.
4、Used for filling in the box, the gap is often a more irregular, angular, or large gap.
5、Want to reduce the storage space of packaging materials.