Paper shredder machine for compost

Paper shredder
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Do you know composting, besides leaves, shredded paper is also a very good composting material. Paper shredder machine are generally used to make compost from waste paper. This method can not only dispose of waste cardboard boxes but also produce environmentally friendly compost. It is very worthy of advocating a paper recycling method.

What is compost?

Compost is a mixture of various organic substances, which is used as a fertilizer for planting flowers and plants after a fermentation process of 2-18 months. The materials for composting can be leaves, kitchen waste (vegetable leaves, peels, but not meat), cardboard boxes (after shredder processing). The length of fermentation time depends on the method used, the material, the season, and how often the compost is turned.


Composting process

The composting process is a process that mimics the cycle of matter in nature. Composting requires the right mix of ingredients and enough time for each substance to be fully “cooked”, that is, fully broken down before the compost is ready. In particular, it is important to remind everyone that substances that are not fully decomposed can cause harm to plant life.

The benefits of composting

1. Composting produces beneficial humus, mitigating the harmful effects of organic waste in landfills.

2. Composting can reduce the need for chemical fertilizers in vegetable gardens/gardens.

3. Composting can reduce the cost of garbage recycling, reduce the space required for landfill garbage, and better realize the environmental protection of materials.

compost from shredded paper
compost from shredded paper

How to make compost from shredded paper?

Do not bring any plastic and tin in the cardboard, plastics are generally not biodegradable. Check before making, and then shred the paper or cardboard with a shredder. Put it in the compost bin, and wet the shredded cardboard with water, so that the cardboard can be decomposed as soon as possible.

Benefits of paper shredder machine for compost

shredded paper
make compost from shredded paper

Paper is rich in fiber structure, Paper and cardboard composting are beneficial to improve soil structure, and the two outer cardboards are beneficial to introduce air pockets and help oxygen enter the soil, which is also conducive to plant growth.

How a paper shredder machine cut paper?

A paper shredder machine is a machine specially designed for shredding paper, which can shred waste cartons and can shred cardboard into strips or nets through knife shredding. It is used for the crushing of compost paper, which can be broken into long strips. The net-like structure can generally be used for the packaging of precision instruments.

Models of paper shredder machine

Paper shredder machine
Paper shredder machine

Our factory produces different types and models of cardboard shredders, including professional Paper shredder machines, as well as machines that can shred paper and cardboard cartons. The machines have two models of SL-325 and SL-425. 325 and 425 refer to the width of the cardboard that the machine can break. In addition, in order to meet the needs of different customers, we have newly developed the SL-300 machine.

The longest cutting width325mm425mm
The size of the hole5x60mm5×100mm
Raw material3-5 layers corrugated
(20-40 pieces A4/70g paper)
5-7 layers corrugated
(20-70 pieces A4/70g paper)
The inlet width20mm20mm
Voltage220V 50Hz380V 50Hz
Working speed12m/minute12m/minute
The net weight86.5Kg164Kg
Machine size (L*W*H)500*350*830mm700*680*97