How are recycled newspaper pencils made?

newspaper pencils made
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As the concept of environmental protection has taken root in the hearts of the people, various countries have become more stringent in the control of wood. Previously, most of the wood was used in the production of pencils. Now it is possible to use recycled waste newspapers to make pencils, which not only meets the country’s environmental protection requirements but also There will be huge profits. How are recycled newspaper pencils made?

Types of pencils

There are two types of pencils, one is wooden pencils, and the other is paper pencils. Paper pencils are produced by using waste newspapers and recycled paper. The production process of paper pencils is environmentally friendly, with low production costs and substantial profits.

Steps of newspaper pencils mading

The pencil production line includes a paper cutter, cut into a suitable size, and then use a paper reeling machine to roll the prepared pen core and paper together. This process is to use glue evenly on each layer, and then use The dryer is used for drying. The purpose of drying is to quickly fix the glue. Since the pen needs a uniform length and standard, a cutter can be used to uniform the length and polish the surface of the pen to make it smoother. This pen is basically formed.
However, sales pens not only need to be practical, but they also need to be beautiful, and they are decorated by covering the pens. Finally, install an eraser on the pen, and it’s done.

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