Carton box shredder machine sold to the UK

carton box shredder UK
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At the beginning of the new year, we received the first order, the UK customer purchased the SL-425 model of carton box shredder machine. The customer intends to use it himself because he is selling electrical appliances. Some electrical appliances are relatively large. Our British machine customers Will be responsible for shipping to the buyer’s equipment, generating packaging requirements.

What problems does the carton box shredder machine solve for UK customers?

Customers have to pack electrical appliances almost every day and then transport them. Once, when a microwave oven was delivered to consumers, the outer casing of the microwave oven was broken due to the long journey. The UK electrical appliance owner had to replace it with consumers. Damage to electrical appliances due to transport often happens.

carton box shredder UK
cardboard paper for packaging

British carton box shredder machine customers wanted improvements in shipping packaging. Understand that most packaging fillers are purchased separately, and the price of long-term purchases is relatively high. Later, he learned about the carton box shredder machine, which can use the packaging waste corrugated paper as packaging filler. The waste corrugated paper packaged by British customers is often bothered. How to deal with this garbage. he wants to use this kind of machine as a packaging filler in the carton box shredder machine, which is very suitable.

How to choose the model of the UK cardboard shredder machine customer

There are three models of our carton box shredder, namely SL-255, SL-325, SL-425, these models represent the width of the machine that can cut the cardboard, and the length of the cardboard is not limited by the machine. The customer thought that he usually has a lot of larger appliances, so a 425mm machine may be more convenient.

carton box shredder UK
carton box shredder

How to use the carton box shredder machine

The cardboard Shredder machine mainly uses waste corrugated paper for processing. The bulking machine can use cardboard with tape. But if there are iron nails, the iron nails need to be removed. Avoid damaging the blades of the machine. Turn on the machine switch when in use, and then push the cardboard into the feed opening of the cardboard Shredder machine. If you are interested in the machine, you can learn about the various types of product articles on our cardboard Shredder machine, which includes the operation video of the machine.

Processing of the details of the cardboard shredder machine

Since the plug settings in different countries are not the same, when purchasing, you can send the photo of the plug to us, and then we can customize it. In addition, you can also connect the appropriate plug yourself after purchasing it.