Industrial cardboard shredder sold to Australia

industrial cardboard shredder
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The customer operates a plant specializing in the manufacture of packaging fillers. The customer contacted us on Alibaba. Then our salesperson communicated that the customer wanted a 425 model expansion cutter. The customer indicated that he would buy one from us first. And if the machine met the requirements, he would buy it again. During the communication, we carefully answered all the questions generated by the customer. The customer was satisfied and decided to buy a 425 model industrial cardboard shredder.

Process of using the industrial cardboard shredder

  1. The company will collect the originally abandon large number of corrugated boxes, cardboard collected together.
  2. Using a carton box shredder machine process these waste corrugated cardboards into reticular packaging fillers that we can fold arbitrarily.
  3. Then the new economic, environmentally friendly, and recyclable packaging filler to pack and box various fragile and fragile items.
  4. Complete the product boxing. And from now on no longer have to worry about the damage in the process of transportation.

Items that the paper shredder machine can pack

  1. The product shape is irregular, with more angles. And more difficult to use the assembly line type of batch, standardized packaging operations.
  2. A wide range of product specifications, the same specification is not a large number of products. Therefore, the standard packaging requires a high cost of mold opening.
  3. The product is fragile or the surface is easy to be scratched. So, need shredded paper for better-buffering performance of the packaging.
  4. Users need environmental protection, recyclability, reuse, and remanufacturing.
  5. Used for filling the box, the gap is often a more irregular, angular, or large gap.
  6. Want to greatly reduce the storage space of packaging materials.

Packing and shipping of the industrial cardboard shredder

Every time we pack the machine in a wooden case before shipping it. And put in padding to further protect the machine from collisions. Leave the machine unaffected during transport. The following are the packaging and delivery pictures of the 425 cardboard shredder machine.

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