Corrugated paper shredder sold to South Africa

Corrugated paper shredder
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Corrugated paper shredder has been commonly used in many countries as a supporting product with high-cost performance. The machine can process the waste corrugated cardboard into a net-shaped environmental protection filler. The cardboard shredder adopts microcomputer control, design secrecy device, and photoelectric detection. And it has the implementation of human safety protection. Also, the corrugated paper shredder comes with a cutting receipt frame and automatic cutting of cardboard extra wide.

Corrugated paper shredder in South Africa

Our customers are interested in our cardboard shredder by reading our website. So, our sales manager contacted the customer immediately. We introduced the SL-325 cardboard shredder and SL-425 corrugated paper shredders to the customer. The different models indicate the width of cardboard that can process. And the customer said he needed the SL-425 model. Then we determined the voltage of the machine needed by the customer. And then the customer determined that 380V 50HZ, 3 phase meet his requirements. Finally, we provided a quotation and the customer confirmed that the machine was correct and finally decided to purchase the SL425.

Parameters of the carton box shredder machine

Cutting speed12m/min
Max input thickness20mm Shredder
Package sizeL630*W830*H1260mm
carton box shredder machine’s parameter

Machine working principle and operation of cardboard shredder

1. Working principle

The cardboard shredder is driven by the motor through the chain belt, and gear drive to drive the knife shaft interaction. And finally, the machine completes the task of machine cutting. Therefore, when operating the machine must be operated according to the operating rules and regulations to avoid accidents.

2. Machine operation

Put the placed cardboard shredder on the power supply. And then turn on the power switch. Then turn the main switch clockwise, so that the machine will start running. Then we need to feed the material into the paper inlet as required. Material width greater than 425mm will be cut off automatically.

inner cutter of the cardboard shredder
the inner cutter of the cardboard shredder

Why should we use the corrugated paper shredder?

  1. The corrugated paper shredder can provide high-quality green packaging filling material.
  2. Unique technology transforms corrugated boxes into “free” soft environmentally friendly packaging filling materials. Also, it is well used for transporting packaging of fragile items.
  3. Easy to operate and high efficiency, the main switch is also an emergency brake to ensure safe use.
  4. This product is widely used in the packaging industry, transportation industry, and parts processing industry. For example, motor manufacturers use fluffy cardboard as filler to facilitate logistics and transportation.
  5. Small footprint, easy to operate.
  6. A variety of specifications to choose from, with a large capacity.
Corrugated paper shredder
Corrugated paper shredder

Precautions when using the cardboard crushing machine

1. The operator should not wear gloves when working.

2. Do not put your hand into the paper feed opening while working.

3. Please do not approach the machine with long hair, sashes, ties, scarves, and other types of clothing.

4. We should not process sticky, thread-like materials on the cardboard crushing machine.

5. Pay attention to not allowing hard objects such as staples to be brought into the feed opening to avoid damaging the blades.

Corrugated paper shredder‘s structure
Corrugated paper shredder‘s structure