Why choose Shuliy’s industrial cardboard shredder?

industrial cardboard shredder-
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Industrial cardboard shredder is also called a corrugated paper shredder, a cardboard crushing machine. This cardboard shredder can turn the discarded cardboard into packaging filler by expanding and cutting. Therefore, it is also an environmentally friendly machine. In the beginning, people used shredders to process thin paper. Now the object is corrugated paper. And the cutting result has changed from the original strips and grains to the mesh ones. And the purpose has also evolved from document confidentiality in shredders to corrugated cardboard recycling.

After expansion and cutting, we can fold the corrugated board at will. And the cardboard becomes a cheap and practical packaging filler. As the paper customer recycling, will not pollute the environment. Therefore, the use of industrial cardboard shredder effectively plays a role in protecting the environment.

What are the characteristics of the cardboard shredder machine?

  1. The industrial cardboard shredder uses German technology. So the finished product effect can provide you with high-quality green packaging filling materials.
  2. The unique technology of the cardboard crushing machine will change the discarded corrugated boxes into a “free” soft and fluffy packaging filling material. And used in the transport packaging of fragile goods.
  3. The cardboard shredder is easy to operate. And we can turn it on with a single button. The main switch is also an emergency brake, which can ensure the safety of the user.
  4. This corrugated paper shredder widely works in the packaging industry, transportation industry, and parts processing industry. Such as the use of finished products to package precision instruments, meters, electrical appliances, ceramics, glass, motors, etc. So it can protect instruments from impact.
  5. The use of precision hardening rigid knife, tough and stable. And they have a long service life.
  6. We have a variety of specifications for industrial paper shredders to choose from. So it can meet the different needs of customers. At the same time, the efficiency of the machine is high.