What is the cheapest way to shred documents?

shred documents
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Although with the development of the Internet, electronic documents have appeared in various places, paper documents still occupy this important position. Some confidential documents with important prices will record the company’s business information, business strategy, etc. and they cannot be discarded at will. , Once leaked, it will bring serious losses to the company. Be sure to pay attention to the destruction of documents when handling some information.

Several ways of shred documents

1. Incineration treatment. A document processing method was used long ago in incineration. Although this method is simple, it also has certain safety hazards, for example, it is easy to cause fire, and in addition, it will pollute the environment.

Burning  documents
Burning documents

2. Water-soluble regeneration. When water-soluble documents are processed, many recycling agencies process documents by soaking the documents and then recycling them. This is more suitable for large organizations.

3. Shred documents. The document is shredded into strips by the machine, which does not pollute the environment. After shredding, the document can also be used for packaging companies as a filler to prevent impact and protect items.

The function of the documents shredder

This shredder can be used in commercial places such as banks, office organizations, or packaging companies to package items. It can handle not only paper but also cardboard. After passing through the machine, it can be made into paper strips or net-shaped cardboard, and the gaps between the nets are used for buffering.

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