Advantages of cardboard shredded paper filling material

cardboard shredded paper
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Cardboard shredded paper machine uses unique technology to turn corrugated boxes that need to be discarded into “free” environmentally friendly packaging filling materials. and used for transport packaging of fragile items. The packaging filling material is to protect the packaging items, It is mainly used for protection during transportation, and there are many types of fillers, but we have been working on finding affordable and powerful fillers.

What are the packing fillers?

packing fillers
packing fillers

The common packaging fillers on the market mainly include EPE pearl cotton, expanded paper, foam board, bubble film, styrofoam particles, bubble particles, etc. In addition to puffed paper, most of them are plastic products. Many countries have not advocated the use of plastic products for packaging. In addition, plastic bubble film is not only environmentally friendly but also has no price advantage.

How do I fill empty space in a package?

cardboard shredded paper packing
cardboard shredded paper packing

When there are still gaps in the packaging box after the packaged items are installed, during the handling of the items, the items will shake back and forth in the packaging box, so that if they are fragile items, they are very easy to be damaged. If a softer material is stuffed around the packaged items, it will act as a cushion.

Disadvantages of plastic fillers

1. It is difficult to recycle if it is not environmentally friendly, and exports will be affected. (Europe, the United States, Japan, etc. refuse to use plastic fillers)

2. The cost of plastic raw materials is high and uneconomical. (Plastic pellets are expensive)

3. The production process is cumbersome and produces a pungent odor. (requires a separate production workshop, the pungent odor is harmful to workers)

Advantages of cardboard shredded paper fillers

cardboard shredded paper

Unique technology transforms corrugated boxes that would otherwise need to be discarded into “free” soft and cardboard shredded paper filling materials for use in shipping packaging for fragile items.

1. High return: The value after processing will be more than 3 times, and the profit is very considerable.

2. Wide range of uses: used in end customers and manufacturing of corrugated boxes (color boxes), as fillers or buffer materials in packaging; such as precision instruments, meters, electrical appliances, ceramics, glass, handicrafts, furniture, and other industries.

3. Waste utilization: It can deal with irregular waste cardboard, substandard cartons, color boxes, cartons, with or without printing, which can solve very difficult problems for enterprise managers.

4. Green environmental protection: paper products, recycling, no pollution sources; the state explicitly prohibits “non-degradable substances” as filling materials, which can be used as substitutes for some chemical products.

Processing machine for cardboard shredded paper

cardboard shredded paper
cardboard shredded paper

The processing machine of the puffed paper is the puffed machine, which is specially used for processing corrugated paper. The small ones can be used as office supplies, and the large ones can be used as commercial packaging supplies. The use of the puffing machine is simple, only one person can operate it alone, the machine is less restricted, and products with printed fonts or tapes can also be used.

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