Cardboard shredder

How to maintain the shredder?

With the development of the times and people’s attention to environmental protection, the development prospect of this machine is still considerable. Next, I will introduce some methods for maintaining the cardboard shredder.

Cardboard shredder

Tips on the use of the cardboard shredder

What problems will be encountered during actual use and how should these problems be solved? Next, I will list some common problems and solutions.

The characteristics of cardboard shredder

The characteristics of the cardboard shredder

The construction principle of the cardboard expanding machine is basically similar to that of a paper shredder. The motor drives a group of cutters through chain belts and gears to interact to complete the expansion and cutting work.

Russia customer ordered the cardboard shredder

SL-425 cardboard shredder exported to Russia

Last month, a young customer from Russia visited our factory to check the cardboard shredder. In the end, He tested the machine by himself to check the shredding effect.

The price of carton shredder machine

More and more people purchase carton shredder machine to dispose wasted cardboard. How is the carton shredder machine price on the market?

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