The difference between shredded cardboard and common packing filler

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In addition to economic value, the processed cardboard is used as packaging filler, which can be recycled without pollution. Common packing fillers on our market have many disadvantages, and most are made of foam board, wrapping film, bubble film, foam rubber particles, etc. They are difficult to recycle without environmental protection functions and the production process is cumbersome with an irritating odor. These factors will affect the export of goods. For example, Europe, the United States, Japan and other places refuse to use plastic fillers. 

Common packing filler
Common packing filler

The Shuliy cardboard shredder can effectively avoid this problem, bring great convenience to the import and export trade. At the same time, by using this paper shredder, we have a better chance to live in a green environment, which reflects the environmental protection value.

Shredder cardboard
Shredder cardboard
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