How to choose a suitable paper shredding

cardboard shredder
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Paper shredding has different models and functions. How to choose the most suitable cardboard shredder? The following considerations are needed to choose the correct cardboard shredder.

Model selection of paper shredding

There are different models of cardboard shredders, and different models represent different cardboards that can be processed. Our company’s paper shredding is divided into two different models. The models are 325 and 425 respectively. So what are the specific differences between them?

425 model paper shredding
325 model paper shredding

The thickness of the cutable cardboard varies. The model 325 can cut 3 layers of cardboard, and the model 425 can cut 7 layers of cardboard. The 425 model is larger and can handle a wider range of cardboard thicknesses. Working hours are different. The machine of model 325 needs to stop for 40 minutes for six hours, and the machine of model 425 is not limited by time and can work continuously. The maximum width of the cardboard that the 325 models can handle is 325mm, and the maximum width of the cardboard that the 425 models can handle is 425mm.

425 model paper shredding
425 model paper shredding

Choice of cut out cardboard shapes

The cardboard shredder can cut the cardboard into two types, one is to cut the cardboard into a net structure, and the other is to cut into a stripe structure. Except for the different tool structures, the two machines have the same configuration. When purchasing the machine, you can choose according to the products to be packaged.