British customer orders cardboard shredder

cardboard shredder
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A cardboard shredder is a machine that can shred paper shells because more and more countries have a large number of garbage classification requirements. A cardboard shredder is a simulation machine for paper shells. Exported to many countries such as Australia, Australia, Japan, etc. In November, customers from the United Kingdom came to our factory to order cardboard shredders.

Application of cardboard shredder

Packing filler
Packing filler

The reason why cardboard shredders are now being welcomed in more and more countries and regions is that the global awareness of garbage classification has increased, and on the other hand, the cardboard can be recycled and reused through machine processing to save resources. The paper shell processed by the machine can be used for packaging, such as filling some precision instruments to prevent collisions.

British customers order paper shell crusher

We communicated with customers in the United Kingdom through the website. After a period of communication, the customers in the United Kingdom were very interested in our machines and then decided to visit the factory. After that, we arranged for the customers to take a break first, and then the same day In the afternoon, I took the customer to visit the factory, and finally, the customer decided to order cardboard shredders.

This British customer is in the red wine business. Since red wine is relatively fragile, it has strict requirements on the packaging. Our cardboard shredder can be used as a filler for these fragile items. The customer visits the factory and works in the factory. The test machine indicated that this machine just met their needs and purchased two machines first.