The advantage of our carton box shredder machine

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  • High profit: If you sell abandoned cardboard boxes as waste, the price is very low. The value after processing is more than three times the original, and the profit is very considerable.
  • Wide application: As a filling or cushioning material, it can be used for packing precision instruments, meters, appliances, ceramics, glass, crafts, furniture, etc.
  • Waste utilization: It can handle irregular waste cardboard, unqualified carton, boxes with color, cartons, etc.
  • Green and environmental protection: Our paper shredder can recycle waste cardboard boxes, and it is green and environmentally friendly without any pollution. Thus, the processed cardboard can be considered as a substitute for some chemical products.
  • Technological innovation: Our cardboard shredder is controlled by a microcomputer and designed with a security device. Besides, it bears photoelectric detection, implementing humanized security.
  • Intensive service: For different countries and regions we also have specific sockets to meet the needs.
  • It can cut ultra-wide cardboard automatically and it has stable performance at a reasonable price.