The features of the paper shredder

Cover-paper shredder
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SL-610/620 paper shredder

Efficiency and safety; With outstanding cost performance; Reliable strip cutting assembly; With automatic reverse anti card function; Foot wheel movement; Low noise design, suitable for quiet office space.

LED indicator
The LED indicator shows the operating status of the equipment: running, overload, overheating.

Photoelectric sensor/automatic start/stop:

When the paper is put into the paper inlet, the paper shredder will automatically start and automatically stop the device after the paper is shredded.

Quiet operation:

The quiet operation mode can minimize the noise in the workplace, which is an important consideration for your staff.

Anti-jamming function:

Automatically reverse to prevent paper jams and ensure smooth operation.

Convenient emptying:

Open the door and the door can remove the trash bag smoothly and empty the trash can

Full paper indication:

When the trash can is full of paper, the yellow LED lights up, and the buzzer beeps, prompting to empty the trash can.