The cardboard grinder shipped to Paraguay

cardboard grinder

In mid-March, a customer from Paraguay purchased an SL-425 cardboard grinder for packing. The customer wanted to buy a cardboard grinder for his company to use. Our cardboard office shredders are very popular and we have exported them to countries such as the USA, UK, United Arab Emirates, Ukraine, Turkey, Sweden, South Africa, Indonesia, Russia, Romania, and Paraguay.

What machine turns cardboard into packaging?

The customer’s cardboard grinder is specifically designed for processing used cardboard into packaging material.

packing material
packing material

The customer’s cardboard grinder

1. The cardboard shredder for packing purchased by the customer is capable of processing cardboard up to 425 mm wide.

2. The voltage of the carton shredder is three phases 380V 50hz.

3. The cutting shape of the carton shredder is mesh.

finished mesh packing material
finished mesh packing material

What information and services do we offer about our box shredder machine?

  1. Any information related to the paper shredder for cardboard, e.g. parameters, pictures, videos, etc. Positive answers to any questions of our customers.
  2. The PI of the carton shredder, and the method of payment.
  3. Recommending the right cardboard shredder for packing model according to the customer’s needs and the form of the finished cardboard.
  4. Customization of the appropriate voltage according to the customer’s specific situation.
cardboard grinder
cardboard grinder

Packaging and transport of the electric cardboard shredder

wooden case packing of the electric cardboard shredder
wooden case packing of the electric cardboard shredder
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