Supply the cardboard shredder for packing to Russian Federation

carton box shredder machine
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The SL-425 cardboard shredder for packing was sold to the Russian Federation. And the customer purchased an industrial corrugated shredder for mesh. Our cardboard shredders can handle two shapes of packaging material, one mesh, and one bar. If the customer wants to make both shapes of puff cutters, he can purchase a separate cutter.

What services does Shuliy offer?

  1. Convenient and flexible payment options. We offer a wide range of payment options, and customers can pay in US dollars or RMB.
  2. Safe and secure delivery methods. The customer can pay a partial deposit and we will start the production of the cardboard shredder for packing upon receipt. When the machine is finished, the customer checks that there are no problems and then pays the rest of the balance.
  3. To find out the specific needs of customers, and to provide the expansion of the industrial cardboard shredder to meet customer needs. For example, the model of the corrugated shredder machine, the voltage of the machine, the specific needs of the finished product effect, etc.

How did the customer get in touch with us?

The customer found us through a Google search. Our Google site has a comprehensive overview of our products and customers choose to contact us by comparison. We have contact details on our website. We communicate with our customers by email from the time we receive the inquiry to the time we close the deal.

Packing and delivery of the SL-425 cardboard shredder for packing

The customer purchased an SL-425 portable cardboard shredder. The voltage of the machine is 380v, 50hz, three-phase and the following is a picture of the packaging and delivery of the home cardboard box shredder.

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