Carton paper shredding machine exported to Indonesia

Carton paper shredding machine

The Carton paper shredding machine purchased by our Indonesian customer is the SL-425. The widest material this model of machine can handle is 425mm. We also have the SL-325 model cardboard shredder. Customers can choose the appropriate machine model according to their needs. We will also recommend suitable machines to customers.

Reasons for customers to buy carton paper shredding machine

This Indonesian customer was recommended by our regular customers. The customer is going to buy a cardboard shredder for his own use.

Carton paper shredding machine
Carton paper shredding machine

The process of customers buying carton box shredder machine

Our old customers directly push the customer’s WhatsApp to our sales manager Tina. Our managers directly provide customers with pictures and working videos of machines. Then provide the parameters of the machine to the customer. And let the customer choose the model of the carton box shredder machine.

Finally, the SL-425 carton paper shredding machine was selected. After that, we confirmed the voltage, phase power, and plug style of the machine with the customer.

carton box shredder machine
carton box shredder machine

Payment and shipping of cardboard shredder

The customer pays through the bank. After we receive the payment from the customer, we prepare the machine immediately. After that, the cardboard shredder is packed and transported in wooden cases.

packing and shpping of cardboard shredder
packing and shpping of cardboard shredder

Why do customers choose our cardboard crushing machine?

  1. High-quality machine. Our expanding cutting machines have been exported to many countries. It has received good comments from many customers, and the machine runs stably.
  2. Rich export experience. We have exported to many countries and can help customers solve many problems with export.
  3. One year after-sales service. We can provide free one-year after-sales service.
cardboard crushing machine
cardboard crushing machine
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