Shipping carton box shredder machine to Lebanon

carton box shredder machine
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According to the needs of customers, we have two types of carton box shredder machines in Lebanon, SL-425, and SL-325. The width of the cardboard processed by the two types of expansion cutting machines is different, one is 425mm, and the other is 325mm. But the thickness required by this machine is 20mm. Customers can choose the appropriate machine model according to their needs. We will also recommend the appropriate carton box shredder machine model according to the specific situation of the customer.

What is the reason for the customer to buy the carton box shredder machine?

The customer buys the carton box shredder machine for his own use. Customers need expanding cutting machines to process various cardboard. The finished product is used to package various items, such as wine and precision mechanical parts.

carton box shredder machine
carton box shredder machine

The detailed process of customers purchasing a corrugated paper shredder

Customers contact us by browsing our paper shredder website. After adding the customer’s WhatsApp, we first sent the working video of the expanding cutting machine to the customer. Then the parameters of the SL-425 and SL-325 models were sent. The customer said that this machine is what he needs. Then we quoted the FOB price of the two models of cardboard shredder according to the customer’s request. The customer said it was acceptable. Then we confirmed the voltage, hertz, and phase power of the machine to the customer.

Payment and shipping of cardboard shredder

After everything is confirmed, the customer is ready to pay. The customer paid the full amount directly. We started to prepare the cardboard shredder immediately after receiving it. After one week, the corrugated paper shredder was ready. We notified the customer to inspect the machine, and then packed and shipped the expansion cutting machine in wooden boxes.

Why do customers choose our cardboard crushing machine?

  1. Our carton box shredder machine is of good quality. We are a factory that produces expansion cutting machines, and the production and production machines are all made of good components and materials.
  2. Our services are comprehensive. We will provide customers with detailed machine parameters, recommend suitable machines, use wooden boxes to pack machines, and recommend suitable transportation methods.
  3. Since our factory was established, our expanding cutting machines have been sold to many countries. And received good feedback from customers.
  4. One year after-sales service. Customers can contact us if they have any questions within one year of receiving the machine. We will help customers solve various problems.
the finished product of the corrugated paper shredder
the finished product of the corrugated paper shredder