Why to buy a whole set of cardboard shredder blades?

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Beyond all questions, cardboard shredder blades play an indispensable role in cutting wasted paper and cardboard boxes. Why do you need to buy a whole set of cardboard shredder blades?

Actually, there are two blades with an up and down structure, and the blades and outer frame are separated. To be frank, the price of the whole set of blades is higher than the individual blade. However, if you just buy blades without an outer frame, it is difficult to install. That’s why most customers purchase a whole set of blades.

The classification of the blades of cardboard shredder

For now, we have designed two types of blades for shredding wasted cardboard boxes, that is, mesh hole and strip type. If you want to customize the different sizes of holes, we can make it on the basis of your need.

details of cardboard cutters
Details of cardboard cutters

The blade is made of high-grade nitrided steel, and it is very resistant to corrosion and not easy to rust. So, it can be used for a long time.

Why to buy cardboard shredding machine?

If your office has high volumes of wasted cardboard, you really need such an industrial carton shredder to help you deal with them. You may feel shocked by its amazing effect, for it can turn the scrap cardboard into treasure. The processed carton is an ideal material to pack fragile products such as wine, ceramics and other products, which reflects the concept of sustainable development.

Instead of cutting the waste carton into small particles, this machine is able to turn the box into regular and foldable pieces, which makes it easy to pack items.

In conclusion, you must pay attention to the quality of blades when purchasing, since poor quality bales may trigger a terrible cutting effect. Please contact us if you want to know more detail about this machine, and we are very happy to serve you.