The trend of cardboard cutting machine in Australia

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In recent years, driven by related policies, the demand for environmental protection equipment in Australia has grown again. The need of dust removal equipment, urban sewage treatment equipment and office cardboard cutting machine continue to grow. The total output value of the environmental protection equipment industry has grown at an average annual rate of 20%. By 2020, the output value of such industries will reach 100 billion dollars.

In addition, from 2011 to 2016, the total profit of the environmental protection equipment industry, including cardboard cutting machines, increased from 108.869 billion yuan to 239.281 billion dollar, and it only declined in 2015. The remaining years have achieved year-on-year growth, reflecting the good development trend.

cardboard cutting machine

Problems existing in the development of environmental protection industry

Although Australia’s environmental protection equipment industry is developing well, there are still some problems. The first major problem is that the industry leaders are not obvious, and the overall pattern is “small, scattered, and chaotic.”

According to the annual report, most of the revenues do not exceed 100 million dollars, and the top ten companies have less than 5% of the market share.

Second, the core technology is key. Independent innovation and technological research and development still need to be improved. Poor research and development conditions, lack of experience, and weak teams are three major problems. Some core components are subject to people, which is a key reason restricting the development of the environmental protection equipment industry.

What’s the future trend in environmental protection industry?

 However, after nearly three decades of development, the status of Australia’s environmental protection industry is rapidly changing, and the level of it has increased significantly, especially the emergence of cardboard cutting machines. This machine has continuously increased the added value of waste cardboard boxes.

With the strong support of national environmental protection policies, the scale of Australia’s environmental protection equipment industry will continue to expand.

It is estimated that by 2023, the output value of Australia’s environmental protection machine is expected to exceed 950 billion dollars.

In the future, the industrial chain will be used as a link to foster the creation of technological innovation centers and industrial technological innovation alliances. It will guide enterprises to collaborative innovation along the industrial chain, and promote the formation of a collaborative innovation community.

Finally, expand international markets. The cardboard cutting machine enterprises will participate in the construction and operation of the project through technology introduction, cooperative research and development. They will take the form of strong alliances to actively expand foreign markets and achieve international intercourse.