The characteristics of the cardboard shredder

The characteristics of cardboard shredder
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The construction principle of the cardboard expanding machine is basically similar to that of a paper shredder. The motor drives a group of cutters through chain belts and gears to interact to complete the expansion and cutting work.

Working process of the cardboard shredder

Cardboard processing
Cardboard processing
  1. The company collects a large number of corrugated boxes and cardboards that were originally discarded;
  2. Expand and cut these waste corrugated cardboards into net-shaped, foldable, economical, and environmentally friendly packaging fillers by means of a cardboard expanding machine;
  3. Pack all kinds of fragile and fragile items with new economical, environmentally friendly, and recyclable packaging fillers after processing;
  4. Complete the product packaging, and never have to worry about the product being damaged during transportation.

Features of the shredded cardboard

  1. Environmental protection: The packaging and filling of paper products can be recycled and have no pollution source; the state explicitly prohibits “non-degradable materials” as filling materials, which can be used as a substitute for some of the previous chemical products.
  2. Reduce costs: The recycling price of discarded corrugated cardboard on the market is about 400 yuan/ton. After being processed into a fluffy packaging filler by a cardboard expander, the value will be about 10 times the original value, which can greatly reduce costs for enterprises.
  3. Waste utilization: It can handle irregular waste cardboard, unqualified cartons, color boxes, cartons, with or without printing. Not only can these waste products be recycled, but also can be recycled, which greatly solves the more difficult problems for business managers.
  4. Wide range of uses: The reticulated corrugated cardboard processed by the cardboard expander can be widely used in the packaging and logistics of precision instruments, meters, electrical appliances, ceramics, glass, handicrafts, cosmetics, furniture, and other items as packaging fillers.
Shredder cardboard
Shredder cardboard
Common packing filler
Common packing filler

Technical advantages of the cardboard shredder

  1. The cardboard shredder uses German technology to provide you with high-quality green packaging filling materials;
  2. Unique technology transforms the corrugated boxes that originally needed to be discarded into “free” soft and fluffy green packaging and filling materials, and used them for the transportation and packaging of fragile items;
  3. The operation is simple and efficient, and the main switch is also an emergency brake to ensure safe use;
  4. This product is widely used in the packaging industry, transportation industry, and spare parts processing industry. For example, motor manufacturers use fluffy cardboard as filling material, which is convenient for logistics and transportation;
  5. It occupies a small space and can be easily operated;
  6. A variety of specifications are available, with super production capacity.