Shredder for cardboard boxes shipping to Spain

Shredder for cardboard boxes
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Good news! A customer from Spain has purchased two 425 shredders for cardboard boxes from us. This machine can produce cardboard packaging material in the form of webs and strips.

Background of the shredder for cardboard boxes customer

The customer is always in Guangzhou, China, and has a purchasing company that often helps customers from other countries to buy equipment. Recently, he received a request for a shredder for cardboard boxes. Therefore, an inquiry was sent to us for a cardboard shredder for home.

Shredder for cardboard boxes
Shredder for cardboard boxes

List of knives and parts of the corrugated box shredder machine

Width of Cutting the material425mm
Shredding shapecross-cut
The speed of shredding12m/min
Noise (DB)60DB
Cut shapeincluding mesh blade
Packing size630x830x1260(0.66CBM)

Parameters of the shredder for cardboard boxes

Extra blade
Shredder for cardboard boxes's knife
Cutting shape: bar
One set
Gear of cardboard shredder
2 small
One big

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Shredder for cardboard boxes
Shredder for cardboard boxes