Paper and cardboard shredder sold to Lebanon

Paper and cardboard shredder
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A customer from Lebanon recently purchased an SL-425 paper and cardboard shredder from us. This model is very popular and has been sold to many countries. Due to the high quality and excellent performance of our shredders, we have received many positive feedbacks from our customers.

Paper and cardboard shredder customer profile

The customer purchased this paper and cardboard shredder to serve their own clients. Previously, they had purchased some products from China through a local agent. During our communication, the customer expressed their concerns about the vulnerable parts of the equipment.

We provided a detailed quote for the vulnerable parts to solve this problem. After reviewing the quote and discussing the equipment performance with our team, the customer decided to purchase this shredder.

Paper and cardboard shredder

Advantages of Shuliy’s warehouse cardboard shredder

The SL-425 model paper and cardboard shredder is our largest paper and cardboard shredder, which can process cardboard up to 425mm in width. Our box shredder machines are highly efficient and reasonably priced and have been sold to customers worldwide. We can provide comprehensive services to customers, and solve any problems or concerns they may have.

Services provided by Shuliy

Our company provides comprehensive services to solve any problems or concerns customers may have, including:
1. Providing timely pictures and videos to demonstrate equipment performance.
2. Answering customer inquiries in a timely manner. With our rich export experience, we can help customers solve various problems.
3. After-sales service. We provide a one-year warranty and lifetime consulting services for all products to ensure customer satisfaction.

box shredder machine

Voltage and plug of box shredder machine

Before shipping the box shredder machine to the customer in Lebanon, we confirmed the voltage and plug requirements to ensure that the equipment can adapt to their electrical system. We pay attention to details to ensure we provide excellent service to our customers.

box shredder machine‘s plug

We believe that our SL-425 box shredder machine will exceed the customer’s expectations and provide reliable cardboard-cutting solutions for their clients. Shuli welcomes customers to consult us anytime, anywhere! And if you are looking for a warehouse cardboard shredder or box shredder machine, we also have them available in our product line.