Honeycomb paper cutting machine shipped to Sri Lanka

Honeycomb paper cutting machine
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A customer from Sri Lanka has purchased a honeycomb paper cutting machine. The cardboard shredder machine produces a finished product that can be used exclusively for packaging various products. It is an environmentally friendly solution.

Reasons for the Customer to buy the honeycomb paper cutting machine

The customer has a company that specializes in making various paper bags and wrappers. Recently, the customer wanted to purchase a honeycomb paper cutting machine to process the paper into a Raffia shape for packaging items. They have a freight forwarding company in Guangzhou and wanted to be able to ship it with other goods.

Honeycomb paper cutting machine
Honeycomb paper cutting machine

Cooperation between Shuliy and the portable cardboard shredder customer

We work closely with our customers to understand their specific needs and requirements. We provided a customized solution to meet their needs for processing paper into raffia form. We also provide detailed instructions on the operation and maintenance of the equipment to ensure that our customers are able to fully utilize the capabilities of their expanding cutters.

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Parameters of the carton shredder machine

honeycomb paper cutting machinePaper inlet width: 500mm
Cutting width: 2/3/4/6mm can be customized
Shredded effect: straight/wrinkled effect
Voltage: single-phase/three-phase electricity can be customized
Maximum single cut paper thickness: about 8-10 pages (70g)
Paper cutting speed: about 25 m/min
Operating noise: 62-65dB
Paper cutting noise: 63-68dB
Working noise with vacuuming: 70-75dB
Dimensions: 700820960mm
Wooden box size: 7758701100mm
Weight: 190kg

Packaging and shipping of the honeycomb paper cutting machine

To ensure that the raffia machine is safe and undamaged during transportation, we take careful packaging measures. We also work closely with the customer’s freight forwarder to ensure that the machine is safely transported to its destination along with other goods.

wooden case packing of honeycomb paper cutting machine
Wooden case packing of honeycomb paper cutting machine