Home cardboard shredder sold to the Philippines

Home cardboard shredder
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A customer from the Philippines has purchased an SL-325 home cardboard shredder. This model can handle waste cardboard up to 325 mm wide.

Customer background

The customer, who has an office in China, helped a friend purchase a cardboard shredder for packing. The customer has a lot of experience in importing and has an agent in China.

Home cardboard shredder
Home cardboard shredder

What questions do you have about the home cardboard shredder?

  1. Can you offer 220v 60hz? Yes, we can customize the voltage.
  2. How about the lead time of delivery? 7-10 days.
  3. If you can email us the User Manual of the product? Yes, no problem.

Specifications of the cardboard shredder for packing

Width of Cutting the material325mm
The thickness of the input20mm
Shredding shape 5×60mm (or 5mm bar) 
The thickness of shredding 3-5 layers corrugated (20-40 pieces A4/70g paper) 
The speed of shredding 12m/min 
Noise (db) 60DB 
Voltage 220v,50hz 
Machine size (L*W*H) 500*355*800mm
cardboard shredder for packing parameter

Packing and transportation of the corrugated shredder

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