Corrugated box shredder sent to Indonesia

Corrugated box shredder
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Good news! A customer from Indonesia has purchased a corrugated box shredder. The machine model purchased is SL-425.

The reason why the customer needs to buy a corrugated box shredder

The customer is a local distributor in Indonesia. He needed to help other people to buy a cardboard box shredder. Therefore, he came to us to ask for a large cardboard shredder.

corrugated box shredder
corrugated box shredder

The process of the customer buying the puffing machine

The customer found us through Alibaba. After that, we communicated through WhatsApp. First, our sales manager sunny sent the customer the picture, video, and parameters of the corrugated box shredder. We asked the customer which model of corrugated box shredder he needed. After discussion, the customer decided to buy the SL-425 model carton shredder machine.

At first, the customer needed 8 machines. Later, after examination rate said that they need a large cardboard shredder as a prototype. Finally, we confirmed with the customer the voltage, phase power, and hertz of the machine.

Payment and shipping of the compact cardboard shredder

After all the information about the expansion cutter is confirmed. The customer pays the full price. After we receive it, we start to prepare the compact cardboard shredder.

When it is ready, the customer is informed to check the machine. Then we start packing and shipping the machine to Port Jakarta in wooden boxes.

What is the customer’s concern about the industrial cardboard shredder?

  1. How many days does it take to get from the Chinese port to Port Jakarta?

It takes 15 days.

  1. For 8 units must need a container 20 feet?

No need for a full 20ft container.

  1. What is the total weight of the machine?

One machine is 200kg GW, 200*8=1600kgs.

What are the reasons for customers choose the Shuliy cardboard shredding machine?

  1. Patient service. In the face of any questions from customers, we will respond positively. To provide customers with comprehensive information about the expansion and cutting machine, payment, shipping, and other information.
  2. High quality of the machine. We have exported to many countries. Many customers are satisfied with the machine. Customers can buy our machines with confidence.
  3. After-sales service. We will provide one year of after-sale service for all our machines. Customers can contact us online at any time.
cardboard shredding machine
cardboard shredding machine