Cardboard Shredding Machine Helps Recycling of Express Boxes in Italy

cardboard shredder to Italy
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At the end of last year, our company once again successfully shipped a cardboard shredding machine to Italy, which greatly helped the customer to reuse the waste cardboard boxes.

Customer background information

An innovative transportation company in Italy, in pursuit of sustainable management, is actively looking for a solution to turn a large number of used express boxes into useful packaging materials.

By browsing our YouTube videos, they discovered the efficient operation of the waste cardboard shredding machine, which sparked a strong interest in this equipment.

cardboard shredder waste paper recycling machine working video

Customer demand for cardboard shredder

Transportation companies want to realize independent processing and recycling of used express boxes by introducing the waste carton shredder.

They are concerned about the environment and want to create a good green image within the transportation sector, reducing the burden on the environment by reducing their dependence on new materials.

cardboard cutting recycling machine
cardboard cutting recycling machine

Why choose our cardboard shredding machine

The cardboard shredder is a machine specially designed to process waste cartons. Its highly efficient operation quickly cuts bulky cartons into small pieces suitable for re-processing, providing an ideal pre-treatment for the recycling of waste paper.

The customer is well aware of the environmental impact of traditional disposal methods, and after seeing the video of our waste carton expanding and cutting machine, they thought it was an innovative and feasible solution.

Through in-depth communication with their business manager, they were convinced that this machine would be an efficient and cost-effective solution for their waste carton recycling program.

cardboard shredding machine for sale
cardboard shredding machine for sale

Experience sharing and positive feedback

The introduction of the waste cardboard shredding machines not only improved the transportation company’s efficiency in handling waste cartons but also saved them the cost of disposing of used courier boxes. With proper training, the staff quickly adapted and mastered the operation skills of this advanced equipment, ensuring the smooth progress of the whole process.

If there is anything more you would like to know about the machine, please feel free to browse this website and contact us at any time.