Cardboard shredder for packing sold to Panama

cardboard shredder for packing
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Last week, Panama customer purchased an SL-425 model cardboard shredder for packing from us. This is one of our larger models, capable of handling cardboard up to 425mm wide.

What motivated the customer to purchase this cardboard shredder for packing?

The customer had discussed the possibility of purchasing a corrugated cardboard cutting machine with us before but decided to move forward now in order to make better use of their waste cardboard.

Specifications of the SL-425 cardboard shredder:

Cardboard Shredder for packingModel: SL-425
Width of Cutting the material:425mm
The thickness of the input:20mm
Shredding shape 5×100mm(or 5mm bar or 3mm bar)
The thickness of shredding:5-7 layers corrugated (20-70 pieces A4/70g paper)
The speed of thredding:12m/min
Noise (db):60
Voltage:220-240v 60hz 3phase
Power: 2.8kw
Machine size:(LWH)700680970mm

Reasons why the customer chose to purchase our cardboard perforating machine:

1. High quality at a reasonable price. Our cardboard shredder for packings have been sold to many countries and are loved by customers worldwide.
2. Comprehensive service. We prioritize providing excellent service to our customers, offering solutions, and answering any questions they may have.
3. Opportunity to see our equipment firsthand. We provide our customers with plenty of photos and videos and they are always welcome to visit our factory.
4. High-quality after-sales service. We provide customers with one year of after-sales service and free consultation services for life.

Packaging and shipping of the corrugated cardboard cutting machine

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