Another Cardboard Recycling Machine Shipped to Germany

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Recently, our company successfully shipped an advanced waste cardboard recycling machine to Germany, injecting new scientific and technological power into the German waste treatment industry. This series of waste paper shredding and cutting machines are highly favored by German customers for its efficient and sustainable waste treatment capacity.

Customer Background Information

The customer of this order is a German company dedicated to environmental protection, focusing on sustainable waste treatment and recycling. As a leading company in the German region, the customer is always looking for more efficient and innovative waste treatment solutions to further promote sustainable development.

Cardboard Recycling Machine Prices

Our company has always aimed to provide the most cost-effective solutions for our customers. Waste paper expanding and cutting machine prices vary by model and configuration, and our goal is to provide our customers with high-performance equipment while maintaining reasonable prices.

Reasons for Choosing Cardboard Shredder from Shuliy

There are several reasons why customers choose to purchase our company’s waste paper shredding machines:

  • Efficient Processing: Our cardboard recycling machines use innovative cutting technology to efficiently and quickly process large quantities of waste paper and increase the recovery rate of recycled fibers.
  • Environmentally Sustainable: Expanding and recycling waste paper, helps to reduce the pressure of waste on the environment, in line with the client company’s environmental philosophy.
  • Customized Solutions: We provide customized solutions based on the actual needs of our customers to ensure that the equipment fits perfectly with their production environment.
  • Machine Parameters: The parameters of this waste paper shredding machine are designed to be flexible so that the spacing and depth of the knives can be adjusted according to the type of waste paper.