What types of cardboard packing materials are available?

cardboard paking materials
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Waste cardboard can be processed into many different forms of cardboard packing materials. The most common of these is the perforated type of cardboard web. In fact, there are many other forms of cardboard packaging materials. The different forms of packaging material have different packaging effects.

Cardboard packaging materials processed by corrugated paper shredders

Our corrugated paper shredders can process waste cardboard into different shapes of flat mesh cardboard. They are used for packaging products to be transported or as void fillers to fill voids in boxes or packaging.

corrugated paper shredders
corrugated paper shredders

Features of this cardboard packing materials

  1. The cardboard packing materials has different perforation patterns and is a flat padding.
  2. The treated cardboard is clean and dust-free, ensuring that the packaged product is aesthetically pleasing and tidy.
  3. The cardboard packing materials is flexible and can be bent and folded at will. Therefore, it is possible to pack various shapes and fill irregular gaps.
  4. The product is suitable for packaging small and medium sized products.
cardboard packing materials
cardboard packing materials

What are the other cardboard packing materials that Shuliy can handle?

In addition to cardboard shredders we also produce raffia cutters. Our raffia cutters come in two types. One type is a machine that can process thin paper into folded strips. One type is a machine that can process paper into strips.

  1. Pleated shredder

This shredder can process thin paper. The finished product produced is raffia, which can be used for packaging, filling various gifts, cosmetics, etc.

  1. Paper shredder

This machine can handle a wide range of raw materials such as PVC, foam cotton, silicone tube, pearl cotton, corrugated paper, leather, etc.

The finished product is also used for gift wrapping and box filler production.

Shuliy’s carton box shredder machines are sold all over the country

We are a professional manufacturer of industrial cardboard shredders. To date, we have exported our puffing machines to many countries. For example Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, South Africa, Lebanon, Malaysia, Australia, UK, etc. If you are interested in our products, please contact us now! We will give you professional advice on our machines.

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