Cardboard Cutting Shredder Sent to Kazakhstan

cardboard shredder for sale
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Customer background and needs

Our company recently successfully delivered an advanced cardboard cutting shredder machine to a medium-sized packaging machine manufacturing and trading company in Kazakhstan.

In the preliminary communication, the customer stated that they wanted to improve production efficiency, compared different manufacturers, and showed strong interest in our company’s cardboard shredder machine.

cardboard cutting shredder for sale
cardboard cutting shredder for sale

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Machine customization and import comparison

The customer conducted a comparative study through the distributed products and parameters of other companies and found that our company’s cardboard cutting shredder machine is competitive in terms of performance and technical parameters.

Based on fully understanding the customer’s needs, the customer spontaneously provided plugs for local use. We customized the machine to meet the customer’s plug standards and provided a full range of services.

cardboard recycling equipment
cardboard recycling equipment

Cardboard cutting shredder purchase service

To provide more comprehensive services, we actively maintain communication with customers. During the delivery process, we sent the machine test video, factory delivery diagram, customer order, feedback diagram, delivery diagram, and related certificates to the customer.

Customers raised questions about various details of the machine, including operation methods, maintenance, technical parameters, etc. In our timely responses, we provide clear and detailed answers to ensure that customers have a comprehensive and accurate understanding of our products.

shredder for packaging materials
shredder for packaging materials

Preferential prices and flexible payment methods

Considering the high cost of import duties, we provide customers with price concessions and flexibly develop payment methods to meet customers’ actual economic conditions. This preferential policy is also one of the important reasons why customers choose our products. Below are the model numbers and related parameters of the machines in this shipment.

  • Model: SL-325
  • The width of Cutting the material: 325mm
  • thickness of the input:15mm
  • Shredding shape:5×100mm
  • speed of shredding: 12m/min
  • Noise (db):60DB
  • Power:1.2kw
  • Voltage:220v 60hz single phase


After purchasing, the customer was very satisfied with the performance of the machine, especially the significant improvement in production efficiency. If you are interested in this cardboard cutting shredder machine, please feel free to contact us. We will take this opportunity to continue to improve product performance to meet your needs.

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