Advantages of using the cardboard box shredder

cardboard box shredder
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The cardboard box shredder is equipment belonging to the recycling category of machinery. The benefits of using a shredded cardboard packaging machine to make packaging materials are manifold. Here are the specific advantages of using an industrial cardboard shredder.

Reduced packaging and waste transportation costs

The primary advantage of using a cardboard box shredder is the profit the machine can bring to your company. The puff cutter is inexpensive and pays for itself quickly.

cardboard box shredder
cardboard box shredder

Making free and sustainable packaging materials

In our daily life, we receive many delivery cartons. Therefore, we can buy a cardboard box shredder to process and reuse these packaging materials. And the material is completely free, much cheaper than new packaging materials. At the same time, these materials are environmentally friendly.

Help reduce CO2 emissions

The less used cardboard that needs to be recycled, the fewer CO2 emissions. Because the relative amount of transportation by recycling vehicles will also be reduced.

An environmentally friendly alternative to foam and aluminum foil packaging

Previously, many packaging and void fillers were made of plastic. Examples include bubble wrap and tempex foam blocks. The disadvantage of plastic packaging is that plastic is difficult to recycle. Many unsorted plastics end up in landfills or are incinerated to extract their energy value.

Compact solution

The footprint of the home cardboard shredder is very small. This helps customers to save space. In addition, the puff cutter has mobile casters, making it easy for customers to move flexibly.

carton paper shredding machine
carton paper shredding machine