Cardboard box shredder shipped to South Africa

cardboard box shredder

Good news! A customer from South Africa has purchased an SL425 cardboard box shredder from us. And the product is in the shape of a net after processing. Our cardboard shredder machine can also process cardboard into strips. In addition, we can also customize the machine according to the customer’s specific needs.

The process of customer purchasing cardboard box shredder

The customer sends us an inquiry about the cardboard box shredder by browsing our Alibaba. Our sales manager immediately sent a message to the customer to communicate. First of all, we introduced two hot models of carton shredder machines for sale to the customer. And sent the machine pictures, videos, and parameters. By comparison, the customer chose the SL425 model. Then we confirmed with the customer that the customer needs the finished product form to be mesh. And SL425 cardboard paper shredder machine needs 380V 50HZ, 3 phase.

cardboard box shredder
cardboard box shredder

Payment and shipping of the carton shredder machine

The customer made the payment through our payment link. We prepare the machine immediately after we receive it, and we will inform the customer to check the machine after it is finished. After confirming that everything is correct, we pack and ship the machine in wooden boxes.

carton shredder machine
carton shredder machine

Reasons for customers to choose our commercial cardboard shredder

  1. Our machine is powerful. It can process raw materials in various forms. It can meet the various requirements of customers.
  2. The model of the industrial cardboard shredder is complete. Different models of home cardboard shredders can handle different widths of cardboard.
  3. One year after-sales service. We will do a one-year machine service for our machines.
  4. Good packaging and transportation. We will provide wooden box packing to protect the machine from bumps and moisture. We will also update the logistics information in time to make customers feel relieved.
commercial cardboard shredder
commercial cardboard shredder

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