Exported the cardboard box shredder to Saudi Arabia

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Last week a customer from Saudi Arabia purchased two cardboard box shredders from us. We have a total of two models of carton shredder machines, the customer bought one of each model. Different models of cardboard shredder machine to deal with the width of the material is different. The two machines purchased by the customer can handle the width of the material 325mm and 425mm.

The reason the customer bought our cardboard box shredder

The customer needs to carry out several businesses in Saudi Arabia. One of these businesses is the cardboard shredder for packaging material. And in order to fill the entire container, the customer needed to purchase two more box shredder machines. Therefore, he sent us an inquiry for a cardboard grinder machine.

Process of the customer purchase paper and cardboard shredder

We communicated about the machine via WeChat. First, we send the picture and video of the paper and cardboard shredder to the customer. Then we explain the cardboard box shredder to the customer. After that, we give the customer the parameters of the machine. The customer says he needs to discuss this with his friends.

Then the customer asked us to provide a quote, we immediately provided the PI. the customer looked at it and said he needed to think about it. A few days later the customer said he hoped to offer a discount. As it was the lowest price could not lower the price again.

Payment and shipping of the carton shredder machine

The customer finally paid for the cardboard box shredder through an agent in China. Since we had the machine in stock, we were able to confirm the machine directly with the customer. Then we packed and shipped the machine.

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