Best shredder for cardboard sold to Mexico

Best shredder for cardboard
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Last week, another best shredder for cardboard was sold to Mexico. The model is SL-425, which can handle cardboard up to 425mm wide. This model is our best seller and we are currently exporting to many countries such as Spain, Austria, France, Paraguay, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, etc.

Background of the best shredder for cardboard customer

This customer has purchased the best shredder for cardboard from us in the past and now they have decided to make a second purchase. Due to our previous cooperation, the customer’s purchase process was very fast.

Finished products of the best shredder for cardboard
Finished products of the best shredder for cardboard

The communication process of the customer for the Cardboard shredding machine

  1. After receiving the customer’s request, we first communicated and confirmed the shape of the cut they needed to ensure that we would provide a puff cutter that would meet their requirements.
  2. Next, we further confirmed the voltage required for the expansion cutter to ensure the equipment was compatible with the electrical system in Mexico.
  3. Then, we confirmed with the customer that the model of equipment they needed was the SL-425.
  4. Based on the customer’s specific needs, we provided a detailed quote and inquired about shipping costs for the customer. At the same time, we sent the order confirmation (PI).
  5. After the customer received the quotation and PI, payment for the goods was made according to the agreement.
Best shredder for cardboard

Preparation of cardboard shredder for sale

Immediately after receiving the payment, we start preparing the best shredder for cardboard. We make sure that the equipment is set up and commissioned according to the customer’s requirements to ensure its proper operation. During the preparation stage, we also perform a rigorous quality check on the cardboard shredding machine to ensure that the customer receives a high-quality product.

Preparation of cardboard shredder for sale
Preparation of cardboard shredder for sale

Why choose our cardboard shredding machine?

  1. Throughout the process, we patiently answer customers’ questions about the puffing and cutting machine and provide timely support.
  2. In addition to the expansion and cutting machine itself, customers are also concerned about the performance of the equipment, operating instructions, after-sales service, and warranty matters. For these, we answer them with our professional knowledge and experience.
  3. Great service. Except for wearing parts, man-made damage, and improper operation, all equipment is guaranteed for one year, and online technical support is provided for lifelong.
cardboard shredding machine
Cardboard shredding machine