Cardboard Shredder

Carton box shredder

425carton box shredder machine

box shredder is a device used to process waste cartons. After being cut by the machine, the waste cardboard can be turned into mesh paper or strips of paper, which are used in the packaging of small household appliances, ceramics, glass, and other products to play a buffer role.

cardboard shredded paper

Advantages of cardboard shredded paper filling material

iscarded into “free” environmentally friendly packaging filling materials. and used for transport packaging of fragile items. The packaging filling material is to protect the packaging items, It is mainly used for protection during transportation, and there are many types of fillers, but we have been working on finding affordable and powerful fillers.

honeycomb Kraft paper making machine

Honeycomb Kraft wrapping paper and geami paper making machine

This honeycomb Kraft paper-making machine can automatically cut kraft paper, honeycomb wrapping paper is a high-quality kraft paper packaging material, which is widely used in packaging due to its environmental friendliness. It can play a buffering role and reduce the amount of plastic used.

carton box shredder UK

Carton box shredder machine sold to the UK

x shredder machine. The customer intends to use it himself because he is selling electrical appliances. Some electrical appliances are relatively large. Our British machine customers Will be responsible for shipping to the buyer’s equipment, generating packaging requirements.

corrugated paper shredder

Corrugated paper shredder | cardboard crushing machine

nstruments and fragile items. It avoids the waste of carton resources and avoids the situation of dealing with waste cartons. We have clients who sell small appliances, handicrafts, and liquor. Corrugated machines are suitable for the packaging of various products.

Paper shredder

Paper shredder machine for compost

Do you know composting, besides leaves, shredded paper is also a very good composting material. Paper shredder machine are generally used to make compost from waste paper. This method can not only dispose of waste cardboard boxes but also produce environmentally friendly compost. It is very worthy of advocating a paper recycling method.

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