100 sets carton shredder were delivered to United State

It is a government project of carton shredder!

William, our custom from United State, and he needs to purchase 100 sets carton shredder for the big project issued by government.

paper cutting machine factory

To enable the quality of machine, he has invested many time and energy to find professional suppliers. However, the result always make him down, since the machine provided by these suppliers has a bad shredding effect!

It upsets him for a long time.

Until one day, the good news come to him.

His assistant found us from our professional carton shredder website, and told us they needed 100 sets paper shredder with high quality for a government project. The quality is considered as a priority.

We have produced carton shredder machine for more than 10 years, and there is no bad feedback from any of our customers, so we are very confident about the quality of machine.

In addition, they need to shred the wasted carton into 425mm with mesh type, and then they want to use it to pack the vulnerable items. After know about their need, our sales manager sent quotation including the price and delivery time to William quickly.

How we build long time cooperation about carton shredder?

William was confused about the delivery time, how can we finish 100 sets carton shredder just within one week? We explained that we had a strong production line where different workers are responsible for different work, so it is very easy for us to manufacture them in one week.

William was still afraid of the quality of machine, so he decided to bring the raw material with him to test machine in our factory.

He visited our factory in two weeks, and conducted a test by himself, and he was very satisfied with the shredding effect.

wooden case of carton cutting machine

Finally, we built the long time cooperation with William.

Until now, he has received the all the machines, and he says that he will place order from us if he has any demand.

Cardboard Shredder

Cardboard Shredder

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